Stepping Stones or Skipping Stones?

To think while thinking, I thought.

Status: Standstill…still.

Just a few months ago, I thought I knew what I wanted: security, mobility, possibility. Now, I crave quality, experiences, and simple pleasures. One course of action in the next steps of my career could lead to the first set of desires; another course of action—a more immediate course—could lead to the latter wish list.

Academia or… what even is there? Can’t I have both? In Amélie, there was something warm and charming about her little activities and lifestyle. She was quiet and hermit-like, but took pleasure in small things. She appreciated them. To find balance and purpose in her life, she helped others fulfill their unrequited dreams.Is it possible to take the next few stepping stones to a career in academia at age 26 or can I wait while enjoying the release of skipping stones across the canal?

Originally posted by Rachel on August 24th, 2016 & filed away under Intimates

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