negatively overwhelming sentiments

I slept within nightmare after nightmare, only to wake up in one.

This morning, the sun still shines the same way and the cars on the street and slamming of doors still create the same Wednesday soundtrack.

And then I was reminded…Racism. Misogyny. Gender-/sexually-oriented discrimination. Denial of global climate change. All are forms of hate and ignorance that I thought our world was growing to overcome.

And then my friends, family, neighbors…they chose to elect—not just one, but—two humans as the first- and second-in-command whose rhetoric and pushed platform encourage racism, misogyny, gender/sexual discrimination, and essential denial of science.

However, starting today, I have to be stronger and more steadfast for my rights and freedoms, as well as for the rights and freedoms of others. Just because you voted for last night’s victors doesn’t mean I hate you. I am hurt by you. I am disappointed by your actions, but I don’t hate you. I’m grieving, so let me grieve.

I voted for the greater good, not self-interest.

I voted…but not for this.

Originally posted by Rachel on November 9th, 2016 & filed away under Intimates

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