Effeminately Lazy

When you FEEL like hot stuff, you BECOME hot stuff.
When you FEEL like cute stuff, you BECOME cute stuff.

Just a little check-in to say that I’m alive. I choose to say “surviving” versus “thriving,” but you can’t tell because I’m all smiles for the camera.

No updates on the career front right now. I was disappointed to type this because I really thought that, by now, I’d have something; that at least that wrinkle in my timeline would be figured out.

I don’t care to comment on my figurative innards at the moment, only because I feel numb. It’s a mix of apathy and hate, which is ironic because I hate apathy (apathy in itself is a choice). A couple of weeks ago, Twitter was my best friend. It’s still my confidante in my enraged/numbed blur of tweets and retweets in regards to the future of America. That’s all I can say of that. For more, please see my last post.

Materialistically speaking, at this time, I’ve been going minimal to expertly curate little “non-collections” of clothing, accessories, beauty products, and holy grail skincare items. My top brands of late are Glossier (of course), Onomie, Blinc, Bite Beauty, Zabana Essentials, and RMS beauty. Clothing I’ve been accumulating has been a lot of frumpy sweaters, sweatshirts, mom/boyfriend jeans, block heels, and bralettes. I don’t know whether I would consider my newfound fall-to-winter style “effortlessly chic” or “effeminately lazy.”

(By the way, since when did 27 look so hawt?!)

Taken with my iPhone 6 Plus with my Moment wide angle lens. Processed in VSCOcam and laid out in Layout.

Originally posted by Rachel on November 22nd, 2016 & filed away under Intimates

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