Is Happiness a Choice?

I chose to wear this shirt.

It’s been a minute, and I am apologetic. However, identity crises and general fatigue aside, this blogging comeback is a sign that I’m finally getting grips on my direction.

In a time and industry of focus on brand identity, I’ve been focusing on passion identity…

…and that is to say that I’ve been indulging in my passions and their collective projects. That means writing, reading, illustrating, designing, videograph-ing (hm?), wardrobe curating, even Simming; basically, all things fulfilling to me. I’ve been doing too much thinking lately (unlike Americans properly represented by the electoral college in November of 2016) and need to throw my brain and all analogous faculties into projects that will produce happiness for me and hopefully those around me.

At the park before the city destroyed it.

So does that mean that happiness is a choice? Take mental, physical, and other imperviously disabling conditions out of the picture to assess the free-willed human condition and I’d say to a point, yes. Reading back my past writing efforts from age 15 until now has brought me happiness, even if momentarily. Even after that happiness fades, I have found myself clinging to reliving that happiness once more. Experiencing that fulfillment from my own efforts is comforting, invigorating, and reviving.

Material things and social/emotional acknowledgement from others…I have come to accept that as a functioning adult who has experienced disappointment as a result of both myself and others, these do not come close to the feeling of happiness that my own passions bring me. I’ve created happiness for myself, no matter how fleeting or fickle or insignificant to others. It is the kind of fulfillment that cannot be revoked.

Finally, a local bowl of ramen!

I’m back, and if I’m not, I’m coming back…if not very soon, then soon. If not soon, then maybe not as soon as you’d like, but soon enough for me. I am finding myself in my passions, making myself happy, and creating the life I am meant to fulfill while also empowering others and ensuring their own paths to happiness.

Belated happy 2017, and enjoy the rest of my photos that are otherwise irrelevant to this post.

Downtown grunge.
Lattés are daily staples.
Shirt from UO worn with suspenders and skirt from Nasty Gal.
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