Wearabouts: Last Lace of Spring

Everything is temporary, like this tattoo.

Hi, welcome to June. Let me just skip forward to the excuse that I actually did a few things while I was away from the blog.

For instance, in April, I planned three outfits, wore them all in one day, and documented them for this very blog’s purpose. Here’s the first outfit.

Lace bell-sleeved dress by Staring at Stars.

I’ve had this bohemian-inspired lace minidress for at least three years and it has never failed to make a comeback for the spring and summer (and sometimes fall and winter). It’s one of those ultra feminine pieces that dares to be badass when paired with black details.

The comfiest of lace details make this a romantic staple.

But this dress was not the focal point of this particular outfit. I actually designed it around the most ethereal pendant from the independent shop GoodFeelsWires by Lauren on Etsy! As soon as I saw this moonstone pendant, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it: with this dress.

My best selfie to date.

The pairing of the perfect dress and this perfect necklace spoke only the words “spring,” “ethereal,” “mysterious,” “elven,” and “Thranduil” (a la Lee Pace, of course). Greenery, gardens, delicate flowers, and settings bounding forth with pollen danced in my mind when I imagined this dress and pendant together. Ooh, and remember when I mentioned adding dark, black details? It was very much Parisian inspiration that led me to chose a medium-width satin ribbon for the pendant.

This black Melie Bianco bag and black ASOS heels gave a Parisian sophistication to this otherwise laissez-faire dress.

In addition to the black of the satin ribbon, I wore my black suede “glove” heels and this black, vegan leather handbag. The mix of different textures kept the black accessories from weighing down the look.

One of the reasons why I this was one of my favorite looks was thanks to this temporary tattoo from Tattify. I bought a pack of sun- and moon-themed tattoos and wore this patterned moon illustration.

This tattoo added to both the super femme and subtle bad girl vibes of this outfit.

Last but not least, this look would not have been what it was without the afore-mentioned backdrop. From both the Tyler Rose Garden and my own makeshift studio with this bouquet of baby’s-breath (and if it looks familiar, you’re right: it’s the background of my blog header).

Morning light behind the baby’s-breath. Ahhh-choo!
Baby’s-breath (not) amused.

I really enjoyed this first look of three of these spring looks I put together. This one was probably my favorite (spoilers!) because I already had such a strong vision for it. It’s moments like these when, in considering my wardrobe, I become more excited and even hopeful, despite how badly I may feel about myself that day.

This look was simply magical for me. Call it my fashion signature!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this look and that it inspires you to play with textures, themes, and moods in your closet.

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