Wearabouts: Park Basics

I’m happiest when the sun enhances—not burns—my skin.

This second spring-to-summer transition look may, at first glance, pale in comparison to my last. That one was a dreamy, romantic, ultimately wowzer of an outfit; but basics can be fun, too, especially at golden hour.

Especially at the park. Especially when you’re in the moment and love everything because you’re in your element. Case in point: this outfit combo.

Surprise, surprise: I have this dress in two colors.

I love parks. I love forests and trees and sunset and sunrise. If you want to see me in my element, smiling with ease and just being myself, please take me among the trees. I’ll live there. This look takes the coziest of items I own that most people can wear and happily dances among the backdrop of the Cain Center park in Athens.

Dress: American Apparel
Denim shirt: thrifted
Bag: Melie Bianco
Sandals: ASOS

I drew from the warmth of the setting sun in focusing the color palette of my outfit. This is apparent in both this long “midi” dress (though longer than a midi on me) and my multi-toned sandals. The cool basic texture of my denim button-up blouse gave the look more tangibility, and I just happened to have the same black handbag as in my last look, but I still think it’s relevant to the basic color scheme of the outfit. Also, I’m pretty lucky that my hair is black, allowing any black accessories I have to automatically tie in with whatever I wear.

My beautiful Herkimer diamond necklace by the independent Nashville artist Fernweh Jewels is always in my rotation!

Outfits made of great basics are always complimented by unique, dainty accessories. Ever since I saw this necklace from Fernweh Jewels, my favorite word again came to mind. Ethereal. “This necklace is ethereal. It belongs in the forest. I mean, it belongs on me while I’m in a forest,” I convinced myself as I added it to my online cart and never looked back.

The light through these trees makes this my favorite spot in the park.

I have to give a special shout-out to Manuel for being such a talented, patient, and fun photographer. He drew upon the magic I felt in the park and brought it out on camera.

What’s your magical place and, if it were feasible to live there, what would you wear as your daily uniform? I may switch out the sandals in favor of boots, but this would be mine. In the forest, in these basics, at sunrise or sunset, and seriously in love with everything.

This look would also be perfect for fall…but I’m pretty much going to wear it year round.
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