Wearabouts: Athens, Not Greece #2

“Downtown” areas of small Texas towns can be charmingly eclectic.

A few years ago, I posted a look in the small Texas town of Athens. (And if you want to see that one first, it’s linked here.) It was the same setting: golden hour, downtown, nice shoes.

Since then, though, several things have changed: there’s broken glass, a brewery/outdoor patio where we last took photos, and I’m a lot more cynical than I was before.

I’m sure that it shows. With cynicism comes rooting in realism and an increased sense of practicality, whether or not one is actually more practical. I think that explains this last outfit of my spring-to-summer Wearabouts series that I documented in April…

Blush pink from head-to-toe, separated by basic denim and canvas.

Now, was it practical of me to become enamored by American Apparel staples during their closeout sale? My wallet nods, “yes,” because I got great pieces for life in exchange for much less cash. However, my heart resounds, “no,” because I know I’ll never have the chance to restock on these pieces again. It’s bittersweet seeing this cropped blush pink hoodie top in my closet, knowing I won’t be able to find it in gray.

This American Apparel hoodie top is comfy and casual, but the un-basic color elevates a denim pairing.

And that’s okay. After resolving to cull my wardrobe and only truly invest in high-quality basics, I don’t need this top in three other colors, despite what I dejectedly think from time to time.

This patchy denim A-line skirt from Urban Outfitters is a departure from the average denim/cord skirt.

Around downtown, I discovered a new appreciation for small towns, which was only possible because downtown Athens is so small/not painstaking to peruse and because my feet had relatively comfortable companions…

I have these ASOS “glove” heels in two colors.

Yeah, that’s right: I wore my ASOS Simone heels again in another color—blush pink to tie the look together. Casual but slightly more classy than your traditional drunk female hanging outside the bar before dusk hits. And before dusk eventually hit, I got some shots of Manuel’s outfit, too.

His style has undeniably evolved and I’m happy he’s found it on his own.
The man. The model.

And then the sun had really had it with us that day.

Catching the light slipping past.
The warm wash of bronze and pillowy tones as the sun set.

I think this outfit, just like the last, is a relatable, easygoing-yet-noticeable transition look. Crop an old hoodie, even (if summer isn’t ever really summer where you are), pop a clean jean skirt or skort underneath, wear something with a bit of heel that ties in with the hoodie, and you’re as golden as golden hour will allow in your own small town without making the locals gawk at you in disapproval, for the most part. Thanks for joining me on all three of my spring-to-summer outfit posts!

Normal people stand like this, right? Well, cool people do.
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