October Is a New Start

New Bullet Journal, new me.

I had my last Bullet Journal from July to September 2017 and I hadn’t even filled it. R.I.P. my dedication.

It was an army green Leuchtturm1917 that was a fresh departure from my previous orange Rhoda Webnotebook. I’d been planning to create a new post about the Leuchtturm since filling it quite a bit. I even took the pics, edited them, and planned out the post. So why throw all of that away when I was already so close to filling it?

First, some clarifications: I haven’t thrown it away. It still possesses some valuable spreads of information to which I’ll continue to refer, as I do with most of my journals. Also, there are both physical and emotional/symbolic reasons for starting over. That’s because in October, I’m starting over.

Second, what I now have:

There’s not much to show. It’s that minimal.

I now own a Midori MD A5 notebook. It’s a paperback thread-and-cheesecloth bound notebook with less than 200 front-and-back pages, none of them numbered. There’s no index, barely any structure, and its pages are gridded. It’s such a departure from simplistically bold statements of late, and that’s what attracted me to it.

At least you can make your intentions clear from the start.

When I think of a new start, I think of softness, warm shadows, gentle attempts, black, gray, and definitely white. I think of space and blankness, as well as of minimalism and meaningfulness. I think that what I want to offer myself in my new life is a blank slate but not without feeling or intention, and what better a month to start than October, my birthday month?

The Midori MD literature suggested using tape to secure the bookmark on the outside like this, so I used simple freezer tape.

I need both structure and a minimal approach to frame the intentions for my life, and this new Bullet Journal, at least for now in its physical form, symbolizes that for me. It’s so simple yet delicate, as the journal came wrapped with an almost gift tissue-like paper cover. I reinforced its vulnerability with a separate Midori clear cover that happened to come with a pen loop, which is where I store a go-to Muji 0.38 pen.

The grid is light enough that it’s not distracting, something I kept in mind when transitioning from dots to grid.
It’s October 1st now and I’m in my element.

I have some new bits coming in from Jet Pens to accessorize (including a sample of some gray ink for my Kaweco Sport) but have also minimized my BuJo arsenal of tools. I’ll show those either here or on Instagram. Then, once I’ve gotten along and made some progress, I’ll update here with a tour, but know that it’ll also be indicative of my life…almost like an update to the new start that began October 2017.

For now, it’s back to journaling and espresso.
Originally posted by Rachel on October 1st, 2017 & filed away under Bullet Journal

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