Things Wanted: Rad and Rouje-y

List creep happened with this wish list, as well.

Word on the street is that my birthday is next weekend. I also heard that I’m a super cool gal and that you’re even more super cool with a generous heart.

Thus, I present to you the first wish list from my wish list series called Things Wanted.

Some of these things I’ve wanted since before the summer. Some things I’ve wanted since a couple of days ago, but it doesn’t matter because I’ve curated a fine balance between my want for certain items spanning even beyond this list and my goal to purchase with greater intention and foresight.

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1. REMI t-shirt with Rouje print

Founder Jeanne Damas brings her effortless-yet-thoughtful French chicness to her brand, Rouje, and her branded version of the fitted vintage tee is the perfect example. The ecru color from the fall-winter 2017 collection is a more gentle take on the everyday jeans-and-a-t-shirt staple, making it great for darker skin tones and a good option for dressing up, as well. I can see this with corduroy, plaid, and even a plain black pencil skirt. Wanted in Ecru, size 36 | $55 from

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2. Bola ring

I found out about the brand Maaari from one of my favorite YouTubers, Christine, in May. One of its founders, Jeanette Sawyer, explained that the Tagalog word maaari means, “what’s possible” or “can be done,” describing the brand as a tribute to her Filipino heritage and empowerment of native craftspeople and local materials of the Philippines. The handcrafted Bola ring is so simple yet meaningful in shape. It’s a strong, singular, and beautiful creation from Maaari. This could easily be worn daily. I’d rock it on my middle finger with no hesitation, so I sized for that (*smirk*). Wanted in size 7 | $38 from

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3. Valjean Labs facial serum

As detailed in my last A.M. Skin Care Routine post, I’ve been using The Ordinary’s Niacinamide + Zinc serum and it’s been doing the job, but not in the best way. Remember, it broke me out, and without continued use, it would break me out upon using again. The tacky finish and pilling weren’t too fun, either. Alexa from aafterglo on IG raved about this Valjean Labs version of the same serum, which she found at Marshalls/T.J. Maxx. Unluckily for me, my local Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores are gross, messy, and didn’t have this. But! It’s sold on UO, so there is a solution.  Wanted in Restore | $15 from

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4. Lust for Life LP

Lana Del Rey’s latest album was the heartbeat of my summer. So much good music came out this summer, but this album by Lana genuinely made me love going outside just to get in my car and bop to this. I only want special gems and all-time-faves on vinyl, so of course I want this album. My favorite songs have been “Cherry,” “Summer Bummer,” and now, one of my favorite songs of all time, “Tomorrow Never Came” featuring Sean Ono Lennon! Wanted on vinyl | $36.98 from

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5. Glossier sweatshirt

Okay, this is kind of unfair…because I already have this sweatshirt, but it’s a size medium and it’s a strange true-to-size but slim-fit look. So, rather than being oversized for me in a medium, it looks like a very indecent sweatshirt dress. I’m guessing a small would fit me better width-wise and would be a better length for me (maybe ending just below my waist). It’s lightweight yet very soft inside. The medium does fit my boyfriend as a nice slim sweatshirt, though, so he’ll get my current sweatshirt and be a Glossier boy. Wanted in size small | $60 from

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6. Legacy hoops

I love the company FASHIONABLE. It’s a truly empowering business that impacts women, most of whom have overcome obstacles and hardships in life that many of us cannot fathom. FASHIONABLE enables both local and global communities to change the tides of poverty and create real impact through jobs versus simply donating to charities (though doing so is also impactful). I have a couple of purses and jewelry pieces from them, and have not been disappointed. My investment in these fair trade, minimal pieces is also an investment in other people who I know deserve so much more. This time, I’ve had my eye on these staple hoop earrings that happen to be the perfect size for weekly wear while also making a statement. Wanted in gold | $64 from

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7. The Messy Heads Issue #3 HOME

“Life is better lived messy.” My mantra since I was three-years-old and disdained cleaning up anything! Okay, in all honestly, I am a much less messy person…unless you consider my messy brain. The Messy Heads publication is an ad-free printed magazine featuring real stories by real humans about real themes. From art to relationships to just being, The Messy Heads know that perfection is not key and share articles exemplifying that life is better when it’s imperfect. The latest issue, HOME, would be a great read for my home and to keep on the coffee table for coffee-happy guests (but I can also serve tea or craft beer, if perferred). Wanted as Issue #3 HOME (or any/all of the three issues, really), $12.50 from

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