New Year, Old Ways

2018 and bed’s still unmade.

Happy new year! I have no legitimate excuses (surprise, surprise) for not posting in over two months, so nothing has changed…except for this blog theme.

I’ve been inspired by lines, textures, shades, and tints. Grainy images of cloudy days, yellow haze, and ultraviolet have filled my mind for days. My need to pin down this vision of self-expression drove me to manifest this inspiration through my blog. So here we are.

Still working remotely.

Things with work are steady. I don’t feel so unstable lately, and maybe that’s because I’m feeling more confident in my abilities, willingness to learn, and innate urge to beat the competition. That’s marketing for ya.

The purpose of this Bullet Journal is to be…

My Bullet Journal has been a big source of motivation for me. I can clearly plot my intentions, see the directions I’ve set, and go forward without looking back to wonder “why” all the time. I talked about this a lot more eloquently in a recent Instagram post.

An apple a day doesn’t assure you have health insurance.

Becoming healthy hasn’t been a big push for me so far this year, even though I had every intention to become more healthy in 2018, as is the case with millions of other Americans this year. I don’t think I’ve been motivated by the right thing for myself yet, but maybe a pretty new FitBit would help. /wink

Couple selfie.

My relationship is probably the greatest and healthiest it’s ever been (but I can only speak for myself, of course). After ten years, it goes without saying that I’m excited for the future, but even at this moment, I’m happily dwelling in the present. I’m so happy with where we are and that we have progressed as both individuals and as a couple in our own time. This is the most optimistic, communicative, and happy I’ve been in our relationship. I can’t explain this feeling of “completeness” that I have. It’s overwhelming, so warm, and so awesome.

Heading into the trees since 2010.

Before drafting this post, I read over some of my vintage blog posts. There existed streams of consciousness masked by self-deprivation, pseudo-optimism, and unnecessary grasps at coolness. I am cool, though. I was cool. I’ve always been cool. The way I wrote back then isn’t too far from my prowess now. My point is that, those posts are labeled “vintage” for a reason. Like wine, they grow better with age and, once poured out to enjoy, the tartness bites back with a smoothness that’s undeniably charming.

(Says the grown person who turns down wine and spirits at every opportunity because she thinks it tastes gross.)

Expect nothing from me.

There is no excuse for the disorganization of this post, or for the lax timing of any of my endeavors on this blog. However, I hope stream of consciousness of updates has contentedly caught us up with 2018 and all that the new year entails.

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