The Mom Kinda Vintage

Everyone knows where to find the best vintage pieces.

The best vintage is the “mom” kinda vintage. You know what I mean: what Mom puts in a bag to donate or throw out after she Konmari-ed her closet once she officially became an empty nester.

I happened to benefit directly from my mom’s closet clear-outs since elementary school, before 80s fashion had even made a comeback. She was really into cold weather pieces and making texture statements, apparently. I’m not complaining, because I put together this outfit.

50 percent hand-me-downs, 25 percent ASOS, 25 percent pantyhose.
Dress from ASOS.

Let’s start with the non-vintage piece: this not-quite-midi-on-me dress. It was from their regular collection and was such a unique shade of cool green that I didn’t already own.

Casual snap closures and higher waistline.

It’s flowy in the right places with unassuming pleating starting from the higher waistline. The neckline is casual and the kind I appreciate to take a dress from day to night without exaggeration.

This dress creates so much texture beneath so much structure.
Comfort, sophistication, and strangeness are all welcome.

Blazers and all other “menswear” [that should not be called strictly menswear because all genders can rock them] have been having a hot moment, of late. Patterns like houndstooth, checked/small plaid, and pinstripes create the illusion of sophistication and structure.

I kept the shoulder pads.

Nothing says sophistication and structure like a blazer, especially one with shoulder pads like this old Barry Bricken that my mom let me have. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen her wear it, but maybe if I peruse some old photos, I’d be able to immediately spot it.

The comfort of this blazer is astounding. It’s oversized, for sure, but wears even nicer than a slouchy cardigan.

Pretty ‘n’ proper.

Looking closely, I can’t tell if the pattern is comprised of crossed lines or stacked dots. I mean, I’m already dizzy, but it’s the kind of pattern to easily bring some dimension on top of such a simple solid piece like the ASOS dress.

Wind chill was somethin’ fierce that day.

Because the blazer is structured just enough, it literally goes with the flow of the dress. I made this pairing without thinking but am so thankful I did.

Now, for the real stars of this outfit…

Ankle boots by Walter Steiger.

I don’t wear these ankle boots by Walter Steiger too often because I never have the occasion. However, I realized that it’s about making the occasion, not having one. The question isn’t, “Do I have an excuse to wear these?” The statement is, “Excuse me while I wear these boots and not give a single damn about whether or not the occasion forbids it.”

These shoes have their own personality.

When my mom handed these down to me (I don’t remember when or the details), I really did try to exact an excuse to wear them before taking them, but I still took them and love that I can now give them a new story from my wardrobe and out into the world.

They simply can’t be categorized.

They stand out and instantly make an outfit. I love them beyond measure.

Here I stand with constant reservations.

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted such an in-depth outfit post. I founded this blog on fashion, after all. You’d think I’d be more consistent with my favorite type of content to share.

And the truth is that I’ve been struggling a lot with both my physical and figurative image. Everyone does, but I have been more than ever, lately. It’s times like the beginning of a fresh year that urge me to create unrealistic expectations–not just for my body–but for the way I see myself. All that should really matter, aside from my health, is how I see myself.

However, that’s such a difficult task to take on.

My body is a reality.

The reality is that this body that I’ll have until the day I die (ouch, morbid) is a reality. It’s my reality to nurture, listen to, and brandish like the prized weapon I know it to be. I want to appreciate it for what it is and for allowing me to move in ways I’ve taken for granted.

We all need to see ourselves in a different, positive light.

That’s why, lately, I want to realize movement in what I create; from stories, to ads, to outfits, to the simple choice to move. There doesn’t have to be a point B. When you’ve worked remotely from the comfort of your own desk as I have, you absolutely crave movement.

I want movement.

I want to create movement, to see it, to enable it…both literally and figuratively. And, not just for myself, but for others, too.

I think that’s what my “resolution” is all about now:

Cheers to a cooler me in 2018!

Makin’ moves in 2018.




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