Morning Light

But first, water.

It’s August 1st and the first day of the 10th year of The August Break! This is a month-long challenge to take time and reflect, be more mindful, and more intentional in all we do and observe.

I first attempted The August Break in 2015 and explained the purpose much better back then, too. Below are the prompts if you’d like to join along, whether you need the prompts or not, whether you share your photos or not.

The August Break’s prompts for 2018!

My goal each time I attempted (read: attempted, not completed) The August Break, I’ve added the extra goal of writing one blog post a day for the month.

Now, I’m not claiming I can do that this time, but I’ll be realistic by at least “microblogging” each prompt. Cheers to that!

My first photo of the month is that of my new morning tradition in light on my new morning routine. For the rest of my life, I’ll be striving to improve myself, and drinking hot water each morning with a squeeze of a quarter of a lime and a half-pinch of pink Himalayan salt is a big part of that, actually.

It settles my stomach that swirls with worrying anticipation of the impending day. It settles my mind in the same way, too (through my stomach, perhaps).

As much as I’d like to be one of those people, I can’t drink coffee first thing in the morning, let alone on an empty stomach. So my magical lemon water is the beverage embodiment of a good day for me.

The sky at 6:07am.

This was the actual photo of the sky about 30 minutes after I woke. I wasn’t too far from my waking goal of 5:30am this morning. I took an hour after waking up to make and drink my magical lemon water, watch the sun rise, and then get ready to work out. Which I did. I worked out. In the morning. Early in the morning. Whoa. I won’t jinx myself by speaking too soon, so I’ll speak more on this later.

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