We’re all suffering here.

I’m a person whose vibes are rooted in the weather. My past blog entries are proof of this.

I’ve been an amateur weather buff since elementary school when I had to check the temperature for the day to find what to wear. Standard procedure, but for a third grader? I don’t know…I’d like to think I was a bit advanced in that regard.

And also, I hate the heat. I loathe the summertime. Above 82 degrees Fahrenheit? I’m out, in a manner of speaking, meaning I’m inside. I sprint from my car to my front door. However, my goal this month is to be mindful and absorb what’s around me.

So today, when I left the car, I stopped at the downtrodden elephant ears. These boys are resilient as heck. They’ve been drowned out, burned to a crisp, cut at the stalks, etc., etc.

And when I stopped in front of them today with the scorching sunshine challenging the generous coating of Glossier Invisible Shield on my forehead, I felt these plants’ strength in their bowed, open leaves. Thrive off the adversity and be humbled by it. Get cut down and grow back even better. Even as they touched the ground, they told me a romantic story of uncompromising growth that I’d never heard before because I’d never taken the time to listen.

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